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Backup and Restore Tools
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About the sequence builder
This tool builds animation sequences for a big wall of lights. User submitted animations play on the live feed, and on an internet graffiti wall over my couch. Please add your own animations and graffiti.

Click the grid to toggle the lights on/off.
< and > to navigate through frames.
Press > at the last frame to add a new frame.
<< and >> skip to beginning/end of sequence.
Insert and Delete add/remove frames.
Play animates the sequence in a loop.
Check Overlay to show the previous frame in blue. Helpful for animation.

Add text to the display using an internal font.

When you're done animating, enter your name in the box and click submit. Your design will be saved for display on my wall, and apprear on the live feed. You'll also get a link to share your animation with friends.

Backup your design to a local text file.
Click generate to create the code, copy the contents of the box to a text file.

Restore frames from an existing seqence.
Paste the sequence code in the box and click Add.

Build your own internet graffiti wall: